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I'm Alanna, a community manager, video editor and producer based in Toronto, Canada. With 7+ years experience across film, media and gaming, I bring a unique perspective to my work and engage with audiences in a meaningful and entertaining way.

I am the Co-Founder of DnA Creative, a service that provides customized wikis and online presence management for games. We use Notion to build comprehensive wikis for creative clients, documenting and categorizing info into an easily accessible knowledge base that facilitates remote collaboration.

I am also the Community Manager at GLITCH and Executive Producer and Editor of our annual video game showcase Future Of Play Direct. I also produce and edit our YouTube series Publish Me Punish Me and Game Devs React.

Wiki queen, maker of memes, and sizzle reel aficionado

Meanwhile, as a cosplayer, I've been making costumes since 2012, bringing video game, comic book, television and film characters to life. My work has been featured by IGN, Marvel, Guerrilla Games, CNET, SCENE, and Dreamworks Animation, among others. Cosplay taught me a lot early on about the value of community, the role of creator-led content and the power of online spaces.

Video, music, cosplay, gaming, social media - I bring all my interests and expertise to the table when taking on projects in order to create compelling content for players and game developers across a variety of digital platforms.

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